Quitting Smoking Cold Turkey

Quitting smoking cold turkey is the most difficult method to stop smoking cigarettes; the one year success rate is only four to seven percent. It is also an inefficient method for heavy smokers. This technique is only recommended for casual and light smokers.

You need to have a strategy in place before going cold turkey. Otherwise, the chances of relapse will be high.

First, set a date. Since stress and depression are huge triggers for smokers, avoid festive periods or busy work months. It's all fine and dandy to make quitting smoking as a New Year resolution, but it's a bad idea to do it right then. The burden of expectations and the festive stress will make things so much harder.

Next, list out the benefits of quitting in great detail. Don't be vague; be specific. Write out the exact amount of money you will save by not buying cigarettes. Note down the most likely diseases you will avoid. List down the extra minutes and hours you will save every day. Make a couple of copies and laminate them, and stick them next to your bed, on the bathroom door and on your cubicle wall. This will provide you will regular affirmations to boost your spirits up.

Now, you have to prepare for your most vulnerable periods during the day. If it's in the toilet in the morning, get some interesting magazines or books ready. If it's after a meal, schedule someplace to go immediately after. If it's after sex, get your partner to distract you.

The nicotine craving will come in waves throughout the day, often lasting between five and ten minutes, so fill those minutes with some interesting activities. An addictive game on the phone, a tasty dessert or a tea break is a few ideas you can mull over.

Once everything is in place, start briefing your family and colleagues. Apologise in advance for your future cranky self, and ask for their undying support in return for a great birthday gift.

Oh, and throw away all of your lighters.

Now you're ready to go cold turkey. Good luck!